About Us

Utilizing our founder’s experience since 1984 in Turkey’s leading Food&Beverage and FMCG firms, Z&K Consulting was established in 2002, with the purpose of providing consulting services for export markets.

Through our exclusive consulting services, we at Z&K, enable our portfolio of leading multinational clients to successfully enter MENA markets (primarily Iran and Syria) and establish strong/long lasting commercial ties.

Our proven market knowledge, vast web of local customers/importers and strong ties in the region, enable us to provide exclusive services such as performing market research, setting introductory connections/inquiries, finding the right distributing companies and obtaining necessary trade, legislative and regulatory documentation/certification, for our clients.

Our proven track record and 30 years of experience in the region makes us one of the few credible firms that can guide clients towards determining the correct opportunities and establishing sustainable commercial success in these markets.

You, can also witness sustainable commercial success and the chance to see your products in these markets. Come meet with our team of Professional Consultants that have the talent and expertise to realize your goals. If time is as valuable to you as it is to us, contact us and let us help you prepare your firm’s path to success and opportunity in the region.